So the hubby got a tiny piece of glass stuck in his foot recently. I tried to take it out with just tweezers but then it got stuck deeper inside to where you couldnt even see the glass anymore! uh oh! So I had to try something else before he had to get it taken out by the urgent care. You dont want to have glass stuck anywhere in your skin. If you you want to try these remedies first, they worked for us!!

Here’s what I did and used:

#1 Clean the area with soap and water. Or better yet, take a hot steam shower to help open the pores and soften skin. Pat dry the area gently.

#2 Put a good amount of Black salve on the area affected and then place a waterproof strong bandaid to protect it. Repeat this 3 times a day until you see the glass poking through. It took 2 days for my husbands to poke through.

Black Salve is a traditional herbal salve that has drawing power to remove splinter and even glass from the skin! Pretty cool right!

#3 Once you see the glass poking through I would recommend taking another steam shower being careful not to step on the area the glass is. Then prep your area. You will need a good light so you can see the glass, pointy tweezers (sterilized with alcohol) and some gloves to wear. Take your tweezers and pull it out! Be careful not to squeeze the sides of the skin where the glass is, otherwise it will push it deeper into the skin.

#4 After you pull the glass out put a drop or two of colloidal silver which acts as a natural anitbiotic to prevent infection and will help speed up the haling process. I also recommend to put some of the Emu Joy stick or this cream on it to help with pain and to soothe and heal the area.

#5 Place a good waterproof strong bandaid on it. I used this brand and worked perfectly to protect it.

Hopefully this works for you!



It’s so much fun going through our videos from our Road trip this Summer!! Quinn created short one minute video highlights from some of the places we visited (thank you!!). Here is the first one from our Arizona trip! Arizona was our very first stop on our Road trip this Summer. It’s such a great kid friendly place to visit. I really enjoyed the natural waterslide in Sedona on this trip! SO FUN! It was really nice to adventure out and see all this natural beauty. One of the things that I have learned from our travels is that the world is so vast, it can get overwhelming sometimes deciding where to go and what to see. Especially if you have a type A personality and like to plan things (like me!).  Don’t get caught up in all that! Especially if you are planning a big trip to many states (we went to 10 in 2 months), because you will just stress yourself out lol. We actually didn’t do too much advanced planning. We knew what state we were going to, and then on our way to each state we looked up some things we wanted to do. It worked for us and I am so glad we did it that way. It can become all consuming if we try and research every single detail! Sit back, relax and enjoy!! We feel blessed to have had this opportunity and we are excited about sharing some of our experiences here. Check out my blog post with all the links to everything we saw and did here. Hope it can help with some of  your planning for your next trip!


Where we stayed: Airbnb: In a Mongolian Yurt called “The Beehive Temple of Love” at Mr. E’s river House in Boulder, Co

Duration: 6 nights

We decided to switch it up on this leg of the trip and instead of staying in our Airstream we stayed on this magical 3 acre property in Boulder, Co. We wanted to be closer to the downtown area, but also needed a place to park our Airstream. Mr. E had the perfect place for us. We were greeted with warm hugs and shown to our Yurt where we were smudged with sage and Palo santo. A special treat for us. The sound of the river right outside is soothing and the property is just so beautiful. They have. We were able to meet lots of cool people here, including Mr E. It’s definitely a concious community experience and we really enjoyed our stay here. Go check it out if you are ever in the Boulder area and please tell him we said hello!

Description of the room on Airbnb:

Prepare for Magic!
An on-going transformative retreat experience on a magical 3 acres next to hiking trails & downtown in 10 min.
Explore our gardens, labyrinth, art studios and quiet nooks on the land.
Let serendipity guide you to meet members of our community; artists who heal with listening, food, music, love, and laughter.
Enjoy our meditation temple built on sacred geometry for an experience of love to awaken the heart. Queen bed, + cots.

What we did:

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs- We made a pit stop here on our way to Boulder. Super easy hike for the kids, they got to rise their scooters from the visitors center. You can drive closer to it, but with our large trailer we felt more comfy leaving it in a nice big spot ar the visitor center and walking over. It was a simple walk and really pretty. We got to see Rock climbers climbing the rocks and the boys had fun climbing around too. Definitely worth a visit. We had nice views at sunset and it wasn’t too hot either. After this we went to a local brewery to celebrate Father’s Day!

Pearl Street in Boulder- We met up with with my brother and his family here. It’s a pedestrian only street with shops and restaurants in the Downtown area of Boulder close to the college. We walked around and had dinner together at a local restaurant. We also went to the park here and grabbed some ice cream for dessert. Cute area and what made it super special was my brother getting to meet his nephews for the first time and the kids playing together. So fun! When we left the boys gave big hugs and kisses and asked when they could have another playdate. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Chautauqua State Park- Great trails and learning center for the kids.  We didn’t do too much hiking since it was such a hot day, but we did part of the trail and then had a nice walk over to the park and the kids played. After the park we got some organic ice cream at the local ice cream parlor.

Boulder Library– Wow, am I impressed with this library. We got a chance to have another playdate with my niece and sister in law and met up here. It did not disappoint. The library is HUGE and has a nice kids area, cafe and had a cute kids exhibit going on that they were able to participate and play on. The library is also undergoing some construction to create an amazing outdoor kids area. It’s going to really cool! I want a library like this near us!! It even had river views!

Scott Carpenter Park– After the library we got a chance to go this park to have a picnic, roll down hills and play. The kids had a great time while I got a chance to hang out and chat with my sister in law. The park was nice, they even had a public pool with open hours at certain times of the day. That would have been fun to do if we had end time. Next time!

Rockies Baseball Game in Denver– My boys are big baseball fans, so when Quinn heard there was a game going on while we were in town we got tickets and went. We drove to Denver while the boys took a nap in the car. It was an evening so that was a must! We really enjoyed the stadium. You can walk up to the top deck and check out the beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains and when the kids get tired of sitting there watching the game there is a small play area for them to run around and let loose.

Estes National Park- Estes is a beautiful little Mountain Town about an hour drive from our Airbnb in the Boulder area. We rode the lift up from … It was a nice, easy ride up to some trails and gorgeous views.


Watched Cars 3- The movie had just recently came out and the boys were dieing to go, so we went to a local theatre to watch it. It was actually a really cute movie. After the movie we had dinner at an awesome healthy, organic cafe called Fresh Thymes Eatery. This cafe is perfect for anyone wanting good real food, and even those with food allergies or restrictions.

Vail, Colorado: We made a pit stop for lunch here after our Boulder trip and on our way to Utah. It’s a Beautiful small ski town in Colorado. I definitely want to make it back here to experience more of this town again one day.

Colorado was a fun and beautiful state to visit. We felt right at home here. Colorado has mountains, rivers, lots of green, local organic food, and lots of conscious people. Every place we visited in Boulder had recycle + compost bins, which was very refreshing. The highlight of our trip was being  able to spend time with my brother and his family who live in Boulder. My kids got to meet their uncle for the first time and our kids also got to meet for the first time. They had so much fun playing together. It was a blast catching up with them and spending time. We will definitely be visiting here again, we loved it so much.

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