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Coconut Curry Turmeric Lentils


  We LOVE making lentils!! I posted videos of this lentil on my Instagram stories quite often and I get messages asking for the recipe, so here it is!! It’s probably one of our favorite dishes and I make it at least every other week. I make a HUGE pot and we eat it for […]

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Baked Banana Oatmeal Muffins

Feeding Baby & Toddler

I took these on our recent camping trip and they were a hit!! They are inspired by the Chocolate Covered Katie’s Breakfast Oatmeal Cupcakes. I love all of her recipes!! These muffins are very similar to the chocolate chip pumpkin muffin recipe that I have posted if you want to try a different flavor. There […]

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Why I Became Vegan


Never thought I’d be saying this, but….. I’m officially vegan!!! I am feeling overwhelmed with so many different emotions; Excited, scared, sad and angry. It has definitely been quite the journey for me so I thought I would share my story with the hopes that it can help anyone out there wanting to grow in […]

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My Favorite Muesli Recipe


My Favorite Muesli Recipe Muesli is basically raw oats with some dried fruit, nuts or seeds added and topped with milk. You can easily soak this recipe overnight and have it ready to go in the am or just throw it together in the am. Its so simple to make and there are so many […]

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