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I LOVE food. I LOVE restaurants. When I began learning about REAL FOOD, GMOs, organic eating and just eating healthier. I thought, “There is no way I can eat out anymore!” But then I remembered my 80/20 rule. And I also remembered that I enjoy socializing and eating a good meal out.  I was still determined to search for some restaurants that I would eat at and recommend. I have found some great restaurants that offer up some healthy and delicious food and thought I would share them with you here.  They may not all serve organic food, but they have some healthy choices.

Questions I usually ask myself before eating at a place:

  • Do they have Organic Options? BONUS!
  • Do they serve food made from fresh, real ingredients? Like Food that actually spoils & I can pronounce and spell?
  • Do they prepare foods from scratch? I always LOVE that!
  • Where do they source their food from? Farmers Markets? AWESOME!
  • Are they family owned and friendly? That’s always nice.
  • Do I really want to eat this food? LOL

These questions don’t have to ALL be met, but these are just some things I ask myself and like to look for in restaurants.

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Restaurants (Mostly in the Los Angeles area)

  1. Airloom Bakery-(Toluca Lake)  Organic, Non gmo. Cottage style communal establishment with a gourmet artisan based food menu, fusing flavors from the Mediterranean and selected regions based on our unique worldly outlook.
  2. Aroma Coffee and Tea Company-(Studio City) A magical hideaway with delicious handmade desserts and fresh food.
  3. Alcove– Sister restaurant to Aroma. Great ambiance, amazing food, delicious desserts.
  4. Angelini Osteria-One of the best Italian restaurants I’ve been to.
  5. Burger Lounge-(Multiple Locations) Burgers, Healthy Salads, fresh cut fries. Vegan options.
  6. Cabbage Patch-(Playa Vista, Downtown, Beverly Hills) local, natural, organic home-style cooking.
  7. Cafe Carolina– Fresh, delicious authentic Italian food with lots of organic options.
  8. Cafe Gratitude-Fresh from the farm foods to your plate.
  9. Clementine Gourmet Marketplace & Cafe-(Palm Desert) Such a cute place! Fresh, healthy seasonal breakfast and lunch, homemade desserts & organic coffee and tea.
  10. Cru-(Silverlake) Raw, Vegan and Gluten Free eating.
  11. Crustacean-(Beverly Hills) Special Occasion. Aquarium walkway, Famous garlic noodles, shrimp. Yum!
  12. Cafe Santorini-(Pasadena) Mediterranean. Love the ambiance, Food is always fresh & delicious.
  13. Euphoria Loves Rawvolution-(Santa Monica) Raw Food Cafe.
  14. Epic Bar & Lounge-(Sherman Oaks)  organic food crafted by the incredible John Palmer using locally sourced ingredients.
  15. Fiore Market Cafe– (S. Pasadena) Adorable little restaurant. Fresh healthy food. Bread making classes.
  16. Follow Your Heart Natural Foods Market & Cafe-(Canoga Park) Vegan options, healthy, delicious & cute market.
  17. Girasol-(Toluca Lake) Special Occasion. ‘rustic-refined’ and revolves around a profound respect for the hyper-seasonal, local ingredients.
  18. Gracias Madre-They serve cuisine inspired by the kitchens of Mexico sourced from locally grown organic ingredients. Vegan.
  19. Green Zone-(San Gabriel) Organic Asian cuisine and market. Yum!
  20. H.O.P.E.-(Studio City, Ca) Best Thai Food I’ve had. Vegan.
  21. Industriel Farm-(Los Angeles) Beautiful place, farmers market fresh ingredients, organic options, Provencal clean cooking.
  22. Inn of the Seventh Ray-(Topanga) Romantic, gorgeous, farm to table, local, healthy, vegan options.
  23. Jiraffe-(Santa Monica)Offers delicious market directed rustic California/French food and seasonally inspired cocktails.
  24. Juicy Ladies-(Woodland Hills) Organic Juices, smoothies and food.
  25. Leo & Lily-(Woodland Hills) Cute, healthy, and delicious.
  26. Life Food Organic-healthy grab-and-go prepacked raw living vegetarian cuisine.
  27. Le Pain Quotidien-(Multiple Locations) Fresh Organic Bread. Fresh Ingredients. Organic Options.
  28. Leaf Organics-(Culver City) Vegan (cooked) and raw (not cooked above 118ºF) dishes. Freshly made organic juices, smoothies and salads.
  29. Lyfe Kitchen-(Tarzana, Culver City) Healthy, everything under 600 calories, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, organic options.
  30. Malibu Farm-(Malibu) Amazing farm to table food at the end of Malibu pier.
  31. Malibu Seafood-(Malibu) Fresh caught and delicious seafood at a reasonable price.
  32. Mary’s Secret Garden-(Ventura) Organic Vegan Bistro.
  33. Michael’s Pizzeria-(Long Beach/Naples) from sourcing locally grown, organic vegetables, they also grow their own herbs and tomatoes, and–most importantly–make all their sauces, dough, and cheeses from scratch, daily.
  34. Peddlars Fork (Calabasas) farm fresh ingredients. local. organic.
  35. Pitfire Pizza-(Multiple Locations)  Great Salads. Amazing watermelon lemonade. Fresh Ingredients. Gluten Free Crust available and vegan options.
  36. Pine and Crane– (Silver Lake) Taiwanese-Chinese restaurant.  We make all of our food using simple, fresh ingredients.  Most of our produce is sourced from our family’s Asian vegetable farm. seasonally-minded menu.
  37. Planet Raw-All organic, raw and vegan food.
  38. Playa-(Beverly Hills) Handmade Urban Latin Cuisine using farmers market fresh ingredients. They even have a secret rooftop garden!
  39. Real Food Daily-(Santa Monica & West Hollywood)  The only restaurant in the Los Angeles area that serves a 100 percent vegetarian (vegan) menu using foods grown exclusively with organic farming methods. Use GMO free food and cooking oils. Use purified filtered water.
  40. Sharky’s-(Woodland Hills + Multiple Locations) My go to spot for healthy, non-gmo, organic Mexican food.
  41. Short Order- (Los Angeles) Short Order is a modern interpretation of the classic fast-casual restaurant, offering menu items crafted with locally raised, organic, artisanal and handmade ingredients.
  42. Sunlife Organics-(Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Malibu) Yummy Acai Bowls, Smoothies, supplements and more.
  43.  Sushi by H-(Los Angeles) Some organic ingredients featuring free range poultry and eggs. In order to get the freshest ingredients, Head Chef Iwata goes to organic markets every morning to ensure the best quality and superb taste
  44. Sqirl– (Los Angeles) Local Organic Fresh Ingredients. Homemade Jams made the traditional way.
  45. Tamaras Tamales-(Culver City) All of our tamales are healthy, nutritional, fresh, and made in the tradition of the “perfect” tamale – soft, moist masa, plenty of filling and enough sauce to make the perfect balance.
  46. Tender Greens-(Multiple Locations) Fresh, healthy, chef inspired farmers market fresh food. Yummy salads, antibiotic free chicken, farm fresh produce.
  47. True Food Kitchen (Santa Monica)-Pure Ingredients, Nutritious menu and delicious food.
  48. Ubatuba-(Tarzana) Yummy Organic Acai Bowls and Empanadas

Sweet Treats:

  1. Buttercelli Organic Bake Shop-Organic Treats featured on Cupcake Wars!
  2. Breakaway Bakery-Organic, gluten free bread and sweet treats.
  3. Compartes Chocolatier-(Brentwood) Premium organic chocolates are still handmade from scratch daily using all natural ingredients!
  4. Sockerbit-(Beverly Grove)  Scandinavian candy made with high quality ingredients; free of transfats, colors from nature, free of genetically modified ingredients (GMO).

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