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There are thousands of Synthetic chemicals, additives and preservatives in our world today that have been linked to birth defects, reproductive disorders, cancer, obesity, autism and asthma amongst other things. Watch this video and read the articles below to learn about more ways to live healthier and safer. If you want to know if your product is safe for your family check out the EWG website to check on ratings for the products you are using. This website rates products safety and is such a helpful tool. But the simple approach is LESS is MORE + the SIMPLER ingredients the better. This includes anything you put on your body, make up, hair and even cleaning products. Do an overhaul and get rid of the things that may be causing you bad health. Another way I love to live is by using natural remedies to heal and treat my body when I get sick. Our bodies are amazing and given the right tools from nature you may be surprised at what it can do to help you feel better!

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