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“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.” Friedrich Froebel (founder of the concept of kindergarten)

What is life without a little fun!? I love spending time with my family and am always looking for fun and exciting things to do with them. Making family a priority is a MUST! Whether it be a fun travel adventure, a nature walk, riding bikes together, going out to a movie, sporting event or just a simple night at home playing board games, you will never look back and say, “I wish we didn’t spend so much time together.” That would be silly right!? You will look back and cherish all of these memories. One of my top priorities is also having dinner together as a family every night. Something so simple, yet many times we can look past as not important. Prioritize your family and you will reap the beautiful benefits. Below you will find some ideas to do with your family and you can even invite friends along to join in on the fun. Relationships are key to a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. Create those memories with your family + friends and enjoy your time together! If you have any other ideas you want to share with me please do!

Here are a few fun things to do at home + in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas:

1. Monday Morning Mommy and Me movies 11am at:

  • The Grove LA
  • Culver Stadium 12
  • Glendale 18 at The Americana
  • Northridge Fashion Center 10

2. Attend a Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

3. Attend a Free Concert in the Park

4. Have a Picnic at the Park

  • Aidans Place (Westwood): Playground, Picnic Areas, Indoor Swimming Pool, Open Grass.
  • Balboa Park (Van Nuys): Duck Pond, Open Grass, Picnic Areas, Playground.
  • Beaman Park (Studio City): Playground, Picnic Area, Tennis Court, Baseball.
  • Calabasas Creek Park (Calabasas): Cute, small, historical, water feature, A recreated Chumash village.
  • Dorothy Green Park (On the Beach in Santa Monica): Picnic Area. Playground. Sand. Beach.
  • El Dorado East Regional Park (Long Beach): Nature Center, Bicycle Trails, Picnic Areas, Playgrounds.
  • El Dorado Park West (Long Beach): Duck Pond, Picnic Areas, Skate Park, Disc Gold, Volleyball, Basketball.
  • Gates Canyon Park (Calabasas): Picninc areas with BBQ’s, Playground, Cool Mist Sprayer, Basketball, Tennis.
  • Malibu Creek State Park (Malibu): Hiking, Fishing, Bird Watching, Horseback Riding.
  • Polliwog Park (Manhattan Beach): Playground, Open Grass, Pond, Botanical Garden.
  • Roxbury Park (Beverly Hills): Picnic area with BBQ, Sand Volleyball, Playground, Tennis, Lawn Bowling, Baseball.
  • Shanes Inspiration (Griffith Park): Playground, “Boundless Playground”.
  • Topanga State Park (Pacific Palisades): Picnic areas, Hiking, Nature walks.
  • Travel Town (Griffith park): Train Rides. Museum. Open Grass.
  • Tree People (Beverly Hills): Hiking trails, Park Tours, Learn about Tree Planting, Picnic areas.
  • Vincent Lugo Park (San Gabriel): Sculptural Playground, Oversized Cement Sea Creatures.
  • Warner Center Park (Woodland Hills): Playground, Open Grass, Concerts, Movies.
  • Will Rogers State Park (Pacific Palisades): Horse Trails, Equestrian Activities, Ranch Tour, Hiking Trails.

5. Read a Good Book

    Visit a Bookstore or Library:

6. Visit an Indoor Play Space

7. Go to Kids Club

8. Go Swimming or Take a Swim Lesson

9. Discover a New Restaurant

10.  Beach Day

11. Go Outdoor Ice Skating in the Winter

12. Learn a New Recipe

13. Attend a Dinner Show or Play

14. Learn to Surf

15. Learn a New Sport

 16. Go on a Hike/Nature Walk

17. Go to the Farmers Market 

       Find one in your area or go to one these:

18. Visit a Farm

19. Visit a Garden

20.  Visit a Museum

21. More Fun for FREE or Low Cost

22. Other Cool Places

23. Go to a Theme Park

24. Attend a Local Sporting Event

Major League Baseball

National Basketball Association

National Football League

National Hockey League


Fun at HOME: 

  • Have dinner together as a family. 
  • Play board games.
  • Make a special dessert together.
  • Go on a bike ride around your neighborhood.
  • Do family devotionals together teaching the kids about important lessons + values you want them to learn about.
  • If you have a pool go swimming together.
  • Throw the ball around in the backyard together.
  • Read books together.
  • Learn a new hobby.
  • Grow a garden.
  • Play tickle time.
  • Learn a new recipe together.
  • Make popsicles.
  • Dance to some music together.
  • Talk and learn something new about each other.

I will update this page periodically with more fun things to do as I blog. Have a suggestion? Please share it with me!

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