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Hi! I’m Josefa Ciccarelli. I’m a wife and natural organic mama to 2 boys. I created Natural Well Nest as a way for me to document and share about our families journey towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. I truly believe in the mind, body, soul connection. There are 6 tips that I strive to live by… I’m not perfect, so there is always room for grace. 😁 My hope is that I can always continue learning and growing and sharing my experiences along the way.

I share about  Holistic HealthPlant Based Vegan Recipes, my Favorite Things, our family’s Adventures and living a Simple balanced life. I also love to share Natural Birth Stories to inspire other moms to know that they can also do it! Contact me if  you would like to share your story!

In January 2017 we sold most of our belongings to “go tiny” and  bought a 22ft Airstream Safari travel trailer to live full time in with our family of 4.  It was an amazing adventure, but at the end of 2017 we sold our Airstream (we miss her!), packed up our suitcases and felt called to go on a spiritual adventure in Maui, HI.

I look forward to sharing our family adventures here. I also share our daily adventures on INSTAGRAM. 

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Feel free to say Hello at coachjosefa@gmail.com Josefa

-My Background-


I am a California girl born and raised. I am a wife to a wonderful husband, stay at home/homeschooling mom to 2 Awesome Boys, and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Prior to becoming a stay at home mom my main job was a Physical Education Teacher + Coach and Mentor.  But I love learning and doing lots of things so I dabbled in a lot of other things like getting certified as a postpartum wellness specialist, being a health coach, and before I had ANY kids I was also a hair accessory/jewelry designer and even got one of my pieces featured in Martha Stewart magazine!! But after I had kids my dream was to be a stay at home mom so we made that happen 2 years after my first son was born. Combined with a degree in Kinesiology, I have a more natural holistic approach to life. Most of my days you will find me at home snuggling with my boys, dreaming up our next adventure, reading, researching, and in the kitchen making simple healthy plant based meals for my family. I am especially fond of smoothies and homemade popsicles.  

December 2007 Married my Best Friend Quinn.


2010: Got Pregnant with my first baby and learned all about having my best birth possible!


 August 2011: We Brought a beautiful 9lb 2oz baby boy name Nico into this world. I had an all natural unmedicated birth. 24hrs of labor! Whew that was hard, but amazing!


November 2013: I had an amazing all natural Homebirth with baby boy Gianni! It was the most beautiful experience ever! And this time not hard at all!! Pain Free! Read his birth story here!

Baby Gianni

 My life has changed ever since having kids!! After my first son Nico was born I gave up dairy in my diet while nursing because he was a super fussy baby and seemed to be bothered by SOMETHING! A huge light bulb went off.  I began studying about food vigorously. I needed answers to questions like, Where does my food come from? What exactly am I putting in my body and how does it affect me and my baby? I went on an elimination diet to find out what the culprit was and eliminated all processed foods, sugar and all the top allergens. From there I realized some of the food I was eating wasn’t the best for my body as well, and that there were other areas of my life I could improve upon. I was ready for a change –so I took a huge leap of faith and detoxed my entire life and switched us over to a more natural organic lifestyle. 

I  also began studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I was taught a holistic approach to health and wellness. During my training, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. We began incorporating more plant foods into our diet and enjoyed the benefits of this lifestyle.

In 2018 I decided to go Vegan to bring awareness to the unethical treatment and exploitation of animals and to help our planet Earth .

My hope is that I can always continue learning and growing and share my experiences along the way.


Email: coachjosefa@gmail.com


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