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 I remember when I first got pregnant with my son Nico. I wasn’t sure what kind of birth I wanted to have. One of my friends had a natural birth and shared her story with me. I thought well if she could do it, then I can too! So I began researching and reading about natural births and decided that I definitely wanted to shoot for one too. Plus I was more scared of the epidural (getting the shot + it’s side affects) then doing it naturally. I am so thankful to my friend for sharing her birth story with me and inspiring me to have two natural births. You can read all about my natural home birth story with my youngest son Gianni HERE. It was an incredible experience and one I will never forget. 

I hope to be that friend to you and inspire you to know that YOU CAN DO IT TOO! I have a collection of  wonderful natural birth stories  from different mamas to share with you all. I hope these stories will empower you to know that you are capable of having an all natural birth if you so choose to. I would love to hear from more moms! If you would like to submit  your story to be featured please find all the info for that HERE.

If you are interested in having a natural birth and want to be inspired please read about some amazing Natural Birth Stories HERE.

 I was also inspired by a film that I watched and highly recommend any woman who is pregnant to watch:

The Business of Being Born Documentary.

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