Natural Remedies for Removing Glass From Your Foot

So the hubby got a tiny piece of glass stuck in his foot recently. I tried to take it out with just tweezers but then it got stuck deeper inside to where you couldnt even see the glass anymore! uh oh! So I had to try something else before he had to get it taken out by the urgent care. You dont want to have glass stuck anywhere in your skin. If you you want to try these remedies first, they worked for us!!

Here’s what I did and used:

#1 Clean the area with soap and water. Or better yet, take a hot steam shower to help open the pores and soften skin. Pat dry the area gently.

#2 Put a good amount of Black salve on the area affected and then place a waterproof strong bandaid to protect it. Repeat this 3 times a day until you see the glass poking through. It took 2 days for my husbands to poke through.

Black Salve is a traditional herbal salve that has drawing power to remove splinter and even glass from the skin! Pretty cool right!

#3 Once you see the glass poking through I would recommend taking another steam shower being careful not to step on the area the glass is. Then prep your area. You will need a good light so you can see the glass, pointy tweezers (sterilized with alcohol) and some gloves to wear. Take your tweezers and pull it out! Be careful not to squeeze the sides of the skin where the glass is, otherwise it will push it deeper into the skin.

#4 After you pull the glass out put a drop or two of colloidal silver which acts as a natural anitbiotic to prevent infection and will help speed up the haling process. I also recommend to put some of the Emu Joy stick or this cream on it to help with pain and to soothe and heal the area.

#5 Place a good waterproof strong bandaid on it. I used this brand and worked perfectly to protect it.

Hopefully this works for you!


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