Airstream Road Trip: Arizona (Video)

It’s so much fun going through our videos from our Road trip this Summer!! Quinn created short one minute video highlights from some of the places we visited (thank you!!). Here is the first one from our Arizona trip! Arizona was our very first stop on our Road trip this Summer. It’s such a great kid friendly place to visit. I really enjoyed the natural waterslide in Sedona on this trip! SO FUN! It was really nice to adventure out and see all this natural beauty. One of the things that I have learned from our travels is that the world is so vast, it can get overwhelming sometimes deciding where to go and what to see. Especially if you have a type A personality and like to plan things (like me!).  Don’t get caught up in all that! Especially if you are planning a big trip to many states (we went to 10 in 2 months), because you will just stress yourself out lol. We actually didn’t do too much advanced planning. We knew what state we were going to, and then on our way to each state we looked up some things we wanted to do. It worked for us and I am so glad we did it that way. It can become all consuming if we try and research every single detail! Sit back, relax and enjoy!! We feel blessed to have had this opportunity and we are excited about sharing some of our experiences here. Check out my blog post with all the links to everything we saw and did here. Hope it can help with some of  your planning for your next trip!

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