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Fun-Road Trip to Arizona




Arizona Road Trip

Where we stayed:

Circle Pines KOA in Williams, Arizona

What we did:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

  • Swimming at our KOA
  • Park day in Flagstaff until Daddy was done with work
  • Pit stop at the Petrified Forest on our way to our next destination: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Our first stop on our 2 month road trip in our Airstream was Arizona! Mind you, this was our first time ever driving the Airstream anywhere!! We drove to Arizona from California and stayed for 4 nights from late Sunday night to Thursday afternoon in Williams, Arizona. The drive wasn’t so bad and the Airstream is much easier to drive then I thought it would be. We are excited about our adventure and sharing what we learn along the way.


On our way to Arizona we decided to make a pit stop in Barstow to grab some lunch and check out the trains at the Western American Railroad Museum. The boys were thrilled to be able to climb all over the trains and check out the little museum they had there. We grabbed Chipotle for lunch and then hit the road again to our destination, Circle Pines Koa in Williams.


IMG_20170611_120938529 IMG_20170611_122140357_TOP IMG_20170611_212557_256

It was our first time staying at a KOA and didn’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. When we arrived it was around  7:30pm. They drove us to our space which was right next to all the kids attractions and there was a table and fire pit at our site which we were able to freely use. This particular KOA had a swimming pool, laundry facilities, shower, bathrooms, two playgrounds and a “train” ride all included in the price. They also had go karts, café, general store, and miniature golf for an additional price. The boys really enjoyed the swimming and wanted to swim any chance they got. One thing I learned is that things WILL be flown around in the Airstream during the drive! So that took some time to get cleaned up, we had dinner and then went to bed!

IMG_20170615_134344_205 IMG_20170613_101734_820

IMG_20170613_121401_744 IMG_20170613_102358375

The next day the boys and I took a train from Williams to the Grand Canyon. It was a nice train ride and the boys really enjoyed it. If you do take the train ride take snacks and pack your own lunch! They do have snacks you can buy, but there weren’t too many good options to choose from. I just took my backpack with me and filled it with a bunch of healthy snacks they would enjoy. Once we got to the Grand Canyon it was a quick walk up to the main area where most of the shops and restaurants are. We explored the area until daddy got off of work and we met up with him. The boys were exhausted by that point so we hopped in the car and drove to Desert View Watchtower lookout point while they napped. The boys woke up soon after we arrived and this place was my favorite part of the day. There were breathtaking views all around and the boys really enjoyed climbing up the watch tower. Once we left we grabbed some groceries from the little market near the Grand Canyon (they had some organic options..yay!) and we headed back to the Airstream for bed. It was a long day, but so worth it.

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IMG_20170612_235522_058 IMG_20170613_000301_119

DSC_0179 DSC_0161 DSC_0173

The next day we did a trip to Sedona and WOW! It was so beautiful there!! My first impression driving in was amazement… everything I was looking at didn’t seem real. It was that amazing!! I don’t know why it reminded me so much of the kids movie Cars. In a good way. Haha We went straight to Sliding Rock Canyon, which is a MUST visit for everyone! The natural rock slides are so fun and I felt like a kid all over again. I was even brave and jumped off the cliff! The water was really cold, but once I was in I got used to it, especially since it was a warm day. It cost $20 per car and was well worth it. To get to the where the natural rock slides are you will take a short, easy walk (maybe 10 min) from the parking lot, pass the bathrooms, general store, homestead, and apple orchard. How cool is that!? You will see a sign for the sliding rock and some stairs that you climb down and it’s right below. It gets pretty busy there, but we arrived around 3:30pm and there weren’t long lines and we were able to enjoy our time there. My recommendation is to wear water shoes, and a swimsuit that will cover your hiney a bit as you slide down the natural water slide. It doesn’t hurt, but is much more comfortable when sliding. I wore a skirt bottom, but the hipster bottoms or board shorts would be great. Even in a regular swimsuit you will be fine, but for extra comfort I’d go with a more covered swimsuit.

IMG_20170613_152808082 IMG_20170613_155059147 IMG_20170613_155753778 IMG_20170613_164847167_HDR IMG_20170613_225927_969 IMG_20170614_000045_442

After Sliding Rock we went on a hike on the Bell Rock Trail. It’s a kid friendly hike with stunning views all around! Make sure to take lots of water. These hydration packs are awesome and don’t forget to wear some sunscreen and I would recommend a hat as well. The boys really enjoyed this hike. Nico led the hike the entire way and wanted to keep climbing higher and higher. Even higher then me! This boy is adventurous!

Before heading back to our Airstream we grabbed dinner in town. It was a super cute little area. It was such a fun day I want to go back again!

IMG_20170613_235719_412 IMG_20170614_000322_589 IMG_20170613_175840468_TOP

Next day we drove 2.5 hrs to see Antelope Canyon slot canyons in Page, Arizona. This was one of the coolest experiences. You have to book a tour to be able to see it so we did the Lower Canyon Tour at 3:10pm with Dixie Ellis Lower Antelope Canyon Tours. Jalen our tour guide was really nice and informative. To get into the canyon you have to walk about 10-15minutes and go down some stairs. It can get a little steep on certain parts, but we were all able to manage it. Kids included. Once down there the beauty you will see is something so unique and magical. There were about 15 of us in the tour, but there are also other tours going on at the same time so we did feel like we had to rush through a bit. It was about a mile walk through the canyon, but not strenuous at all. You did have to go through small areas and climb ladders at certain points, but it wasn’t super difficult at all. I would say this was one of the boys favorite activity in Arizona. It was so cute watching them explore. Highly recommend a visit here.

IMG_20170614_154504508_TOP IMG_20170614_155116229 IMG_20170614_155156873_HDR IMG_20170614_160023193 IMG_20170614_160247060_HDR IMG_20170614_212038_485 IMG_20170614_213136_231

On our last day we had to make the 6.5 hour drive to Santa Fe, Mexico. On our way there we stopped at the Petrified forest. I am so glad we stopped here. Blue Mesa and the Tepees were gorgeous!! It’s really cool, because you can just drive your car all the way through and stop at different lookouts to see all of the beauty around. Price is $20 per car, but if you have the National Park Annual Pass it is included. I highly recommend you purchase the pass if you will be visiting a lot of National Parks within a year. It’s $80 and will allow you to get into more than 2,000 recreation areas. We bought ours at the Grand Canyon. You can check out more info on the pass here.

IMG_20170615_181058171_TOP IMG_20170615_181429730_HDR IMG_20170615_183117555_HDR IMG_20170615_184137_998

Arizona was a great place to visit. I definitely want to come back to see more of the beauty it has to offer.

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