Airstream Living Update

IMG_20170123_134028880 We just celebrated our 4 month anniversary living in our Airstream this month! WOW! I feel like time is flying by. I wanted to update everyone and let you know how we are doing and what we have learned.

Just to give you a time frame. We moved out of our house rental January 15th and into the Airstream towards the end of January 2017. At the beginning of February we had tenants move out of the home we owned, got it ready and put it on the market a few weeks later (during a crazy rainy weekend). Thankfully, we got an offer that weekend along with a second offer around the same time. We received our asking price and closed escrow on my birthday (March 22). What a great gift! We were so thankful it all happened so quickly and smoothly. It was a little stressful time, but we got through it and are so happy with the outcome.

One of the reasons we sold our home and moved into an Airstream trailer was because of the flexibility it provides. We decided to embark on a mission to find land (locally) and build our sustainable small dream home. We started officially looking for land at the end of March and it has definitely been an adventure. We haven’t found our dream land just yet, but we have learned so much about this process already and it’s just the beginning. We don’t know where God will lead us, but we are waiting patiently for an answer.

We have enjoyed living in our Airstream. One of the biggest positives about living in such a tiny space is that I can clean things up SO much quicker! I am going to really miss this aspect when we move back into a house. I’ve also been loving the closeness my little family is having. We have been thankful for the beautiful backyard that our friends allow us to use freely here on their property. The boys have been loving running around, building masterpieces with wood (that’s meant for bonfires), and playing on the zipline. They also have an awesome tree house and Jacuzzi to use as well. How fun is that!? We have also been able to have family over for a BBQ, friends over for dinner, a couple playdates and my mom and niece even stayed the night mothers day weekend! We are grateful for our friends allowing us to rent space from them here and feel blessed. Thank you.

We have learned a lot since living full time in an Airstream. One of the big things is gratitude! As much as we have been having a great time, it’s also not a walk in the park either! My least favorite part has been the commute to Nico’s school. It’s taking me about 50 minutes to get there in the am. Then another 40 minutes to get home. If I come home in between, then that means I have to drive back to pick him up and then home again…that time adds up! Why do I make the commute? We all love the school he is at and this is just temporary, so we wanted to keep him there to finish out the school year as we figure out our next step. Do I recommend this as a permanent solution? No way! Thank goodness the boys do great in the car and we have been making the most of it jamming out to Bob Marley. haha We did figure out a situation that has been working out better as well. On some of the days Quinn will take Nico to school and work nearby. On other days I stay out near the school, run errands, meet with people and adventure with Gianni. We have made it work.

With any home there can be some challenges. Especially if it’s an older home. We have a 1967 Airstream Safari. When we first moved in it was during a torrential downpour and we discovered some leaks in the windows that had to be sealed. I guess it’s pretty common, but waking up to some water coming through was not something I was super excited about! However, many of our friends were having leaks in their roof in their houses this year during the crazy rain, so I felt a little better about our situation haha. It can happen in an Airstream just like it can happen in a house. Another thing that poses a challenge is that our water heater is finicky and won’t work sometimes. Hot water!? Nope. Not all the time. So we go old school style for the boys when needed by heating up some hot water and putting it in the tub for their bath. lol I on the other hand wait for a hot day and take a cold shower if there is no hot water. We are hoping to get someone out here this week to get it fixed! Something we took for granted has become something we really appreciate. At the end of the day at least we have water! Gratitude. That’s what I am trying to practice the most. When I think about the people who have no homes and live on the street, I am just so thankful for a roof over my head. And a pretty cool silver one at that.

On a positive note, another thing we are loving about Airstream living is that we get the awesome opportunity to travel in it. We can just pick up and go and take our home with us! The flexibility that the Airstream living provides along with Quinn working from home has it’s advantages. We are super excited we have planned a great Summer adventure to visit some beautiful places. We will take off just after Nico get’s out of school on June 11 and will travel for almost 8 weeks, getting home just before school get’s back into session. Here is where we decided to go:

  1. Arizona (Grand Canyon, Sedona and Page-Antelope Valley)
  2. New Mexico (Santa Fe)
  3. Colorado (Boulder, Denver, Longmont)
  4. Utah (Arches, Canyon Lands, Bryce, Zion, Salt Lake)
  5. Montana/Wyoming (Yellowstone + Grand tetons if we have time)
  6. Washington (Not sure yet lol)
  7. Oregon (Astoria, Portland and maybe Crater Lake)
  8. California (Yosemite)
  9. California (Our friends from Italy our visiting and will be staying in Long Beach and enjoying some time wherever they’d like to go)

We can’t wait to explore, discover, and learn about this beautiful earth. There is so much to see and do in this world and we are just touching the surface. We have always enjoyed travelling and made that a priority, budgeting that in every year. This trip will be a memorable one I’m sure. We will live life as normal as possible on these trips. Quinn will still be working, I’ll still be cooking, but we will enjoy new scenery and plenty of adventures each day. We are thankful for this opportunity that we have and we can’t wait to share what we are learning and doing. As we prepare for our trip we are going through things again and letting go of more. If you would like to check what we have listed for sale check out what we have on offer up. Check back often as we update the list.

If you would like to follow along on our adventures I post daily on my Instagram @naturalwellnest and will be sharing lots of photos there during our trip. If any of you have any tips or anything to share about visiting these places we would love to hear them!

Here are a few pics from the past 4 months.

IMG_20170114_155055644 IMG_20170509_193611444 IMG_20170512_201251814 IMG_20170517_192158

IMG_20170127_124727354 IMG_20170120_165928517

IMG_20170207_143118832 IMG_20170201_113835106 IMG_20170131_130639452 IMG_20170130_162239822 IMG_20170123_165638619


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