My Favorite Lunch Supplies

favorite lunch supplies

So my son just started elementary school last week! I can’t believe he is in TK! I don’t know if I will cry or be happy. haha He is very excited about school and I guess I can’t wait to see how he likes it and how he does. I’m going to be making lunches for him so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite finds! I have been making lunches for about a week now and it’s been much easier then I thought! I will be sharing some lunch and snack ideas over on my instagram and my private group on facebook. Head on over and check it out! Hope everyone has a great school year!!

Update: We are currently homeschooling, but these containers are still perfect to take with us on outings and our homeschool group meet ups!

Lunch Boxes

This is by far my favorite lunch box! It’s a bit pricey but with all that you get I think its worth the investment! It is super easy to open making it easy for my son to enjoy his lunch!

I sometimes use this lunch bag if If I am giving an odd sized or packaged item like seaweed, an apple or banana. You can still use the planetbox if you have ONE of those items by placing it in the front pocket of the bag where the water would go, but if it’s more then one of those type of  odd size item then this bag is great for that. I like that you can easily clip it on the backpack or fit it nicely inside the backpack.

I like this lunchbots lunch box  too. It has great compartments to fill with all kind  of yummy food. The only thing is its a little hard for my 5 year old to open so I use this one when I make lunches on the weekends and will save it for when he is a bit older.

This lunchbots lunch bag is a perfect companion to any of your lunchbots stainless lunchboxes (Like the one I shared above).

For Snacks

I pretty much use this Itzy Ritzy sandwich bag along with the 2 extra compartments that came with the planetbox lunch box for snacks every day. It has worked great!

This one is great for on the go snacks. I use it mostly for my toddler. Once Nico can open this one on his open will be perfect to take with him to school for his snacks.

Water Bottles

I love this straw sippy cup because it is insulated, doesn’t leak and is easy to use! It does have a few parts that go with it, but you can easily replace the straws if you need to in the future.

I just spied this water bottle and will be getting it soon to try out! Love that it is all stainless steel and insulated as well!


This thermos insulated container is perfect for warm food that you will send for your kid to school. Think soups, rice, lentils, noodles, oatmeal, or anything that you want to keep warm.

Love these utensils to send along with my son to eat his food.

Another great option for utensils are these bamboo ones!

I definitely like to send my son with a reusable napkin. These ones looks super cute and are affordable.

I’m going to be using these molds to put green smoothies in and freeze. You can also use these to put yogurt in if you like!

You will need one of these ice packs for your planet box lunch box!

These are great to have as well to help keep lunches and snacks cool.

These are cute sandwich cutters. I have the train one and my son loves it when I cut his sandwich out with it. Makes it fun for them when they are young.

These look so cute they are going on my wish list!

These are super cute and you can use them to cut out some fruits and veggies for lunches!

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