“We are told that if we are beautiful, if we are skinny, if we are successful, famous, if we fit in, if everyone loves us then we will be happy…but that is not entirely true. The most important journey I think all of us will go through is the journey within ourselves, to find our truth, to find who we are and what makes us happy.”

This weekend I went on an amazing women’s retreat with my church. It was an inspiring time full of laughter, tears, inspiration and bonding. I always love going to these events because it helps rejuvenate me and draw me closer to God. When I saw the video above it reminded me of my time there. The theme was called “Empowered” and one of the lessons taught by our amazing elder Erlyn Sugarman talked about how we need to be empowered through surrender. She talked about how many times we can have pity parties with ourselves. Whether it be us feeling we aren’t pretty enough, tall enough, or skinny enough. Or maybe we are going through a health challenge and just feeling down. Whatever it may be we need to accept it and surrender it to God. How do we do that? By daily “pep talks” with God through our daily quiet times with him. He is the one who can give us strength to change what we need to and if it is something we cannot change (like our height! lol) the ability to accept that is how he created us. Pray for God to change your perspective!! How wondrous life can be seen though heavens eyes rather then earthly eyes. How long has it been since you picked up your bible and prayed? As busy moms we can sometimes be so rushed and busy that we forget to have our daily times with God and rely on our own strength to get through the day. It’s challenging enough being a mom. We need to call on God for our strength and encouragement to help us fight those daily battles. The scriptures teach us what God’s purpose is for our life and teaches us how to truly be happy. Fame, beauty, success, wealth… none of these things will truly fulfill the longing in your heart. But God… He can do that! Let us fix our eyes on him and be content in whatever circumstances we are in. Let us remember that God created us for a wonderful purpose. Think about what your talents and passions are and use those to glorify Him rather then our own selfish ambitions. God can use us to do incredible things and can use EVERYONE! Never be defined by your past. Be DONE with it! “What to be is up to ME!”

Other take aways from the lessons shared over the weekend:

  • Don’t let other peoples opinion of you define you.
  • Don’t sell your identity for compliments from others.
  • Look to the higher source for our definition of worth.
  • God sometimes closes doors on us, but with a plan! (Think Hannah)
  • Be willing to go the long haul in prayer.
  • Pray earnestly, fervently and transparent in prayer.
  • Prayer is essential to the survival of our marriages and relationships.
  • Change YOU first. Don’t look at others to blame.
  • Prayer teaches us to be JOYFUL always.
  • The message of the cross is love and forgiveness. It gives you the power to overcome.
  • God wants us to develop and reach or fullest potential to make a difference.
  • There are certain things only YOU can do and only certain people YOU can reach out to.
  • Let your light shine!

*Proverbs 14:30* “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.”

Thank you to Erlyn, Jennifer  and all of the other women who shared from their lives and have called me to be empowered through surrender, prayer, and purpose!! Be YOU and be the best version of YOU that you possibly can. Allow God to use you in powerful ways and don’t allow Satan to steal your joy and rob you of the beautiful life He wants you to live.

Here is a beautiful video that some lovely women from our church created!

2016 EmPOWERed Retreat from OneTwenty on Vimeo.


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