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My awesome neighbor gave us an advent calendar so this is our first year doing it! Ours is a green wooden rectangle piece with numbered doors all around and a snowman in the center. It’s super cute and I am so excited to start this tradition with the boys. We never did get into elf on the shelf so this will be something fun for us to do! I have never done an advent calendar before so I wasn’t sure what I should put in the little boxes. So I began thinking about what I really wanted to share with the boys. I knew I didn’t want to put a bunch of candy in there because sugar every day isn’t good for anyone. lol I also didn’t want to do a bunch of little toys, because #1 they really don’t need any more toys and #2 I didn’t really want it to be about giving them things. Especially things they really don’t need. They would just end up getting lost or in the trash anyway and be such a waste. I did want it to be fun though, so I came up with the idea to do experiences instead of candy or little toys. I just simply typed out some ideas and my husband is going to print them out and we will add them to the little boxes of our advent calendar. Today was actually our first day doing it because I didn’t get a chance to write down what we were going to do until today! ha So I just wrote 2 of them on paper, put them in and we just doubled up today. No harm done! lol The kids were SO very excited about it and it all turned out really well. We ended up doing #2 first which was a special candle lit dinner where we share our favorite things about each other. My favorite was when Gianni said, “I love hugs from Nico, Daddys hat, and Mommys leche (aka mommy milk in spanish) hahaha.” It was the cutest thing ever and I will cherish this memory for a long time! After our dinner we took them to pick out an ornament. Nico chose a cool red car with a Christmas tree on it and Gianni chose a garland of red beads. I kept showing him really cool ornaments, but nope he wanted the beads!! I guess because they look like little balls and he LOVES balls! He also really loves to play with the Mardi Gras beads at his nana and grandpas house and they look similar. lol I am really excited for the rest of the days to pan out. We will take it day by day and if I need to switch something up I will! Below you will find the list I put together of what we will be doing each day. Hope this gives you some ideas to use as well! Love this time of the year!! Merry Christmas!

 24 Advent Calendar Experience Ideas for toddlers:

  1. Make or Pick Out a new ornament and put it on the tree
  2. Candlelit Dinner + Share Your Favorite Thing About Each Person
  3. Listen to Christmas Songs and have a Dance Jam session
  4. Open and Read a New Christmas Book together
  5. Buy Christmas Toys to donate for Toy Drive
  6. Donate Toys at Service + Take Family Photos
  7. Go on a Winter Walk + Get a Special Treat
  8. Have a Christmas Craft Night
  9. Read the Christmas Story in the Bible and Learn About the True Meaning of Christmas
  10. Open and Read a New Christmas Book Together
  11. Write a Letter to Santa
  12. Christmas Movie + Popcorn Night
  13. Visit Santa Clause + Get a Special Treat
  14. Act out the Nativity Scene
  15. Play at Nana + Grandpas House
  16. Make Christmas Cards for Relatives
  17. Bake Goodies + Get together gifts for teachers
  18. Go through our Neighborhood and look at Christmas Lights
  19. Open and Read a New Christmas Book Together
  20. Sing Christmas Carols Together as a Family
  21. Make and Decorate Simple Christmas Cookies Together
  22. Go Ice Skating Together as a Family
  23. Wrap Gifts for Relatives + Candlelight Christmas Prayers for Others Around the World
  24. Party with Mommys Family
  25. Spend Christmas with Nana + Grandpa + Auntie (Daddys Family)

*Incorporate an appropriate scripture for each evening’s advent activity. Take turns reading that night’s scripture as a family.

If you don’t have an advent calendar you can STILL do one. You don’t even have to buy one! You can easily make your own. Just click here to get inspirations via pinterest. There are SO many ideas like using clothespins, little boxes, muffin tins and more! And even if you don’t do an advent calendar it’s not the end of the world. Enjoy this time with your family and relish in the special moments.

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