Fun-Maui Family Vacation 2015


There is something magical about going to a place I’ve never been to and exploring. I absolutely love traveling and highly recommend everyone do it! Even if it’s a local trip, it’s great to get away, spend time with your family and create memories that you can look back on. I had such a great time on our vacation to the beautiful island of Maui, and wanted to share my trip with you here. We planned this trip a year in advance and were able to get a great deal on flights because of that! We bought our flights in July for an October trip. We got the best deal thanks to my hubbie for keeping an eye on the flights and snatching the flight up when he saw it. I am usually such a big planner, but this trip we actually didn’t plan out exactly what we were going to do until we got there and it all ended up working out great! It was also our boys first flight (age 2 & 4), which I was a little nervous about and although it is definitely a different experience flying with kids it all turned out just fine!  Below are some tips + pictures from our trip! Welcome to paradise.

Tips for Going on vacation +  flying with kids

1. Create a bag of fun activities and toys for them. I put together a bag with coloring book, crayons, This cool book about the airport + flying (totally recommend it!), a couple small trains and cars and an ipad! The ipad came in handy for my older son. It kept him entertained with books, games + movies. He was very excited about this since he doesn’t get to use it as often at home so it worked perfectly on the plane ride.

2. Pack lots of snacks!  I packed an entire trader joes insulated bag with snacks for the flight to have during our trip.  I packed bananas, freeze dried fruit, pretzel’s, nuts. Oh gosh I can’t even remember what else. ha But you can take any of your favorite foods! I was surprised! If you want to take liquids though there is a minimum. We also took our reusable water bottles and then filled them up once we got through security. Check out the post on Food Babe for info on what you can take. It’s super helpful!

3. Nurse them or use these Organic Gummies on take off! Someone mentioned buying organic gummies for when the airplane is taking off to help with the ears.  I know that the gummies aren’t as healthy, but at least they were organic! Seemed to work! If you have an infant then nursing will also do the trick!

4. Use Gate Check Option! If you will be bringing a stroller and not using your car seats on the plane then gate check them! It is so much easier and you have a better chance of your items not being damaged then if you were to check them in. With gate check all you do is bring the items with you and the airline will take them as you board the plane and they will be right there as you get off the plane as well. Kind of like Valet. lol

5. This potty saved my life! My son does not like to go poop anywhere but HOME so I bought this potty hoping he would use it in Hawaii. LIFE SAVER! He totally refused to use the potty at our condo, but he used the potty I brought! Woo Hoo! Bonus that it is light weight, folds and perfect for travel.

6. Stay at a place with a fridge! We stayed at a condo that one of my friends family member owns and it was perfect! It was right on the beach Kahana/Napili  near Lahaina and it had everything we needed! As soon as we flew in and got our rental car we took a trip to Wholefoods Maui + Costco. which is just a short distance from the airport and near each other. Not only did we save some money by not eating out as often, but more importantly I was able to get some of my go-to and healthy items! If you are staying near Paia I highly recommend taking a trip to Mana Foods. It is an incredible health food store with decent prices and they have everything you will need!

7. Travel with family if you can! We were able to do some things we probably wouldn’t have done if we didn’t have anyone to watch the boys. It was nice having some family members there to spend time with, build memories and also to help out with the boys when needed. They were also really helpful in the airport! We are very thankful for them offering to help!

My Time in Maui:

Our first full day in Maui we went to this awesome kid  friendly beach on the South side of Maui called Mokapu Beach . We actually found it by luck while trying to find a parking spot. It was really easy to get to and there was even free parking there which was a plus! We rented snorkel gear right on the beach and got to see big turtles and tropical fish too! We swam in the ocean and took a great walk along the beach path to some beautiful resorts in the area. Grand Wailea was our favorite! Such a beautiful resort! We got to walk through the fancy shops in the area too at The Shops at Wailea. After the beach we napped the boys in the car and drove to Paia, which quickly became my favorite little town in Maui!! I found a cute organic, community farm stand where I got to meet some sweet people. The guy who runs it helps people with disabilities work and live! I bought some fresh organic tropical fruit from them and left with a smile. I also got to get an awesome organic smoothie from Maka by Mana (an amazing organic, raw vegan place), visit Mana foods (the best health foods store on the island) and have the best handmade, local, organic flatbreads/pizzas on the island at Flatbread Company.  If you are a more natural hippie type then Paia is a MUST visit! I think we went to visit 3-4 times. haha Check out some of the pics below from our day. Stay tuned for part 2 of my Maui trip where I will share more tips and pics of beautiful Maui. Mahalo!

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