7 Books for Healthy Kid Foodies

7 must read books for healthy kid foodiesI absolutely love reading books to my kids! I try to read to them at least 20 minutes a day,  usually right after breakfast and before bedtime. Books have really been a powerful tool in helping my children learn about so many wonderful things; food being one of them. Below are 7 of my kids favorite reads that have helped them learn about real, healthy food in a fun way. It’s really amazing to me how my son at 3 years old knows how to make vegetable soup just from reading a book! These books are great for kids of any age. Both of my kids age 3 and 1 enjoy these books and reach for them often. Click on the picture to purchase the book. You will LOVE them!


And other healthy kid foodie supplies shown in the picture that we use and love:
We use this straw attachment


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