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Wow! I had such an amazing time at the Take Back Your Health Conference! The  conference was held on April 18-20 at the Westin near the LAX. It featured over 40 speakers, had goodie bags, yoga, vendors and yummy food too! It was the first year they hosted in Los Angeles and they did a wonderful job at putting the event together and choosing the speakers. I learned so much and got to meet some incredible people like Lisa Bronner, and make some fabulous new friends!! If you have never been to a conference before I highly recommend going to one! I am passionate about health and wellness so this conference was the perfect fit for me, but there are tons of conferences that are put on all over the country on various interests. This conference was jam packed with great speakers. There were 4 sessions going on a one time and it was so hard to choose because they all sounded so wonderful!! Here are the classes I ended up going to:


  1. Simple Reminders with Bryant McGill
  2. Make the Little Blue Dot a Healthier Place: 4 Ways to Live an Environmentally Conscious Life with Sarah Stanley
  3. The Peanut Allergy Epidemic: What’s Causing it & How to Stop it by Sara Fraser
  4. Making Your Home A Safe & Healthy Haven with Mary Cordaro


  1. Fitness and Gratitude with Dr. Levi Harrison
  2. Food Allergy-Friendly Meals on a Budget with Erin Chase
  3. Panel: Create a Health-Restoring Home
  4. Panel: Urban Farming: Grow Your Own Organic Food

 Monday was a business Day so lots of tip for building your business!! Here is what the day looked like:

  1. I took a morning Yoga class with Courtney Bell of Yoga Current who is such a wonderful yoga teacher and person! She challenged me, yet made me feel so peaceful at the end of it. Her and I got to chat and I look forward to collaborating with her really soon!
  2. How to Network Strategically for Long-Term Success with Christopher Kai
  3. It Takes a Village: How to Grow Your Business with Social Media Networking and Online Community Building with Anne Marie Michaels
  4. Social Media Panel: Growing Your Fans & Customers with Blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest
  5. How to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Global Natural Product Brand without Selling Out with Lisa Bronner
  6. How to Scale and Automate Your Business with Erika Williams-Rogers
  7. Hands on Workshop: Let’s Take a Look at Your Business with Erika Williams-Rogers

And these were just SOME of the amazing classes that were shared. There are so many more!! All of these speakers shared great tips and I am so thankful that I got to hear them. It was such a treat listening and learning from Lisa Bronner from Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. She told the story of the company and how it came to be. It takes hard work to start and keep a business and they are truly a company worthy of imitation. Lisa also has a blog where she shares tips for Going Green so be sure to check it out!

If you didn’t get a chance to go to the conference but would like access to all of this amazing information you are in luck because they are selling the conference recordings and they are on sale now *HERE! Just click on the tab that says “buy your tickets” and the first box will say Conference Recordings. Just click on that and purchase! You are really in for a treat!!

Some of my little “take-homes” from the Weekend:

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  • “When you reach out and touch something beautiful, something beautiful reaches out and touches you”-Bryant McGill
  • There are no quick fixes in life!
  • Your Body is one of the greatest gifts you have…MOVE IT!!
  • Use your body as transportation.
  • Your choices dictate your future.
  • We all have power in our life to create a ripple effect!
  • What we buy is an indicator of what we support.
  • Your home should and can be a healthy, healing retreat.
  • What’s in our home goes into bodies.
  • Nature heals us if we let it…get out of the way!
  • Health starts in the womb!
  • Love your body. “Small sustainable steps to have long term fitness goals”-Dr. Levi Harrison
  • Wake up in a state of gratitude.  Every day is a gift!
  • Show me your friends and I’ll show you the life you will have. Be careful about you have as a friend. Let go of the negative people and those that cause destruction.
  • Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Invest in it!
  • Look people in the eyes.
  • “The greater danger for most of us is that our  aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it”-Michelangelo
  • Have I served anyone today? Did I do something I was afraid of today? Was I grateful today?
  • If you do it alone you won’t get anywhere!
  • Pursue you passion! Work Hard!
  • Be loving, fair, and generous in all you do!

I left the conference excited, grateful, inspired and overloaded with tons of information. I hope you can get a chance to purchase the conference digitally so you can hear all of the amazing lessons as well! You can buy it  *HERE! I am super excited to share some of what I learned with you all in upcoming posts as well. Here are some pictures I took of the weekend:










This Post Brought to you by Take *Take Back Your Health Conference 2015!

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