Grain Free Banana + Egg Pancakes

grain free banana egg pancakes via

My boys loved these this morning for breakfast so thought I would share how I made them! I love them because the ingredients are simple, it’s easy to make, there is no refined sugar added and they are homemade! They came out really yummy too! Enjoy!



5 eggs (preferably organic)

2 large bananas

1 tsp of coconut flour

Dash of cinnamon (or as little or as much as you want)

1/4 tsp vanilla extract


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend really quick until smooth

Grease a pan or griddle with coconut oil or pastured butter. Use a Tablespoon measuring spoon to scoop batter and pour onto griddle or pan to cook your pancakes. Once it is bubbling you can use your spatula to lift a little to see if it’s ready to turn. If it’s sticky still it’s not ready and you will ruin your pancake! When pancake is ready to flip it will be easy to turn. Be patient!

Serve with you favorite toppings! I used sliced bananas and pomegranate seeds and topped with a little Real Grade B Maple Syrup. Enjoy!


2-3 ( I was able to feed myself, my 3.5 year old and 15 month old. If you want to feed another adult I would add an extra 2 eggs plus a banana.

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Mary Kay Christensen March 2, 2015 at 9:35 am

Thanks for the recipe! They look great…

Josefa March 2, 2015 at 10:39 pm

Thank you! You can even try them without the coconut flour and will still work! Enjoy!

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