Natural Remedies for Babies + Kids During times of Illness

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This question gets asked a lot so I thought I would create a post about what I do for my family when we get sick.  I am a huge fan of letting your body work itself out while boosting it with natural supplements, tools and nutrition. I have not taken any sort of medicine since high school. In fact I used to do NOTHING at all except rest when I was in college. haha But now that I have children things change.

I remember when my oldest son got sick for the first time. It was March. He was 7 months old. I had left him at the in-laws overnight for the first time  because I was the maid of honor at my best friends wedding. It was a great time, but then I came back home to a sick baby with an ear infection! I was so sad! I took him to the doctor and they prescribed antibiotics. At the time I was just learning about natural remedies for children. Like I said, I did NOTHING for myself when I got sick, so this was new to me. I did NOT want to give my baby antibiotics because I am not a huge fan of medicine, but I felt like I had no choice!  I ended up giving them to him because the doctor said I should, I wasn’t 100% sure of any natural remedies that would work and I didn’t want my baby to be in any pain. The antibiotics did work to help take the ear infection away, but the medicine ended up making my babies gut NOT good and feel it caused some issues with his sensitive tummy. Even with giving him a probiotic to help his gut during the course of the antibiotics I feel like it caused some issues. Soon after that I dove in and learned about some natural remedies that can help! I am so glad I know about these things now. I wish I had known them sooner!

If you are trying to avoid medication and heal naturally then I highly recommend seeking an alternative doctor.  I ended up switching doctors and am very happy with another pediatrician who is a little more natural minded as well as a naturopath doctor to help my family during times of illness. Since that last bout of illness and learning about natural remedies we have had to use NO medication on my kids at all and in fact my son has never had another ear infection again and my youngest has never had one. These remedies have helped my family get through illness quickly and naturally and have even helped prevent illness at times.  I hope these tips can help you heal naturally!

*Update: It is now October 2017 and I don’t even remember the last time we have been to the doctors. Gianni has actually never been to the doctor for any kind of illness. Knock on wood, but I am so happy about this! I do believe a good nutrition, adequate sleep, and a natural organic lifestyle have helped with this!

What I do upon noticing my child is showing signs of illness or needs an immunity boost :

For toddlers over age 2 you can give Elderberry like this, like this or  Like this Take your pick! If you need some sweetness go with the first one!

Vitamin C   For babies try this one.

Vitamin D3  

Along with that:

-Rest rest rest! Stay hydrated and keep as comfortable as possible.
-Nurse nurse as much as you can. Your breastmilk is will give your baby antibodies to help fight the illness.  This  is a great read about nursing while your baby is sick.
-Keep baby near: I co-sleep so baby is right next to me which allows for close monitoring and easy nursing.

**If your baby has a Fever read this post along with the one about fevers you can find here

For symptoms like runny nose, congestion and cough:
-Steam shower to loosen mucus and breathe easier (great during croup or stuffy nose)
-Breastmilk in the nose and eyes to help stuffy nose due to a virus. My pedi said if not a virus no bm because it will cause more stuffy nose.
-Use Nosefridato clear nose but not too often as it can cause irritation and more problems. Just enough so baby can breathe. Before doing this be sure to loosen mucus via steam shower, breastmilk or saline drops.
-Keep them elevated to prevent mucus from dripping down into chest and ears.

**If your baby or child has a lot of congestion in chest you can make an onion poultice by sautéing onion with oil and placing in a sock. Then you tie the end and place it directly on chest. Make sure it’s warm but not too hot. When it loses warmth just reheat in microwave or just keep bedside. Or make a new one. You can also leave it bedside to breathe in. I’ll have to create a video on how to do this at some point. But it’s really simple.

Some of the things I use to help with symptoms:
-For Flu Symptoms in Kids try this.
Mullein/Garlic Ear drops (natural antibiotic/prevents  + treats ear infection)- I use this every time they have runny nose or congestion to prevent ear infection. Works like a charm. This is a great brand
-All Natural Herbal Salve Like this one to rub on chest and back.  Brands: Dolce Bella Organics Salve (buy online) or Eucalyptus salve (For older kids. Also sold at wholefoods). Honest company also makes a natural chest rub.
-Probiotic like this one to help immune system and gut.
-For cold symptoms: For babies: Hylands Tiny Cold Tablets. For Toddlers or older kids: Cold Calm

Homeopathics: This is a great small starter kit.


*These are just some of my go-to basic things I like to use. I will have to create a natural “medicine” cabinet list at some point to share with you all in the future.

Don’t worry about how much he eats. Don’t force it and listen to what he wants to eat. Very important to keep hydrated.
No sugar No Dairy
No protein unless they really want to eat it.
Broths (vegetable or chicken broth, miso soup, bone broth)
Vitamin C rich foods or supplement
Homemade Popsicles
Electrolyte water
Coconut water + Himalayan sea salt (natural pedialyte)

Favorite Book for treating illness naturally: Natural baby and child care by dr Lauren feder

Websites for more help:

Dr. Feder

Dr. Sears

** These recommendations are what my family uses and what have helped us during times of illness, but I am not a doctor so be sure to check with your pediatrician or naturopath.

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