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I LOVE reading!! I love being able to help others feed their families better as well. So I wanted to share this awesome book with you all today called Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. It’s so great because she just came out with this new and revised version with all the latest updates and recommendations! This book was super helpful for me when I began solids with my little guy at 6 months. Ruth  does a great job compiling so much information all in one book!  I didn’t follow everything in the book word for word, but what I loved was all the  extra valuable information it contained. Like recipes for homemade baby products, cleaning products, and of course baby food! I love the detailed information it gives about what exact nutrition your baby needs at each stage as well. I have SEVERAL books on starting solids and this is by far my favorite! If you have been wondering how to start solids, how much to feed your baby and toddler, and how to make homemade baby food this is the book for you! It will help you feel more confident in the kitchen and you will be getting your little one off to the right start. 

For more tips and some of my other favorite things when beginning your food journey with your baby check out my other blog post all about Starting Solids.

You can purchase the book on Amazon! Just click on the link below:

Super Baby Food

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