Happy New Year-Things I’m Loving at the Moment

fireworks-happy new year

Happy New Year! I hope this new year brings you joy, love and many blessings. Each year I usually write down a whole list of things I would like to do in the upcoming year. This year I didn’t quite do that yet. I have them in my mind…well some of them. I’ve just been super busy with my toddler and newborn baby that it’s been a little tougher to really sit down, relax, maybe have a cup of tea and really think about it.  So instead of sharing any of those I wanted to share just  a few things I am loving at the moment. Hopefully they will inspire you or help you in some way just as they have helped me. So here are a few things I am LOVINGt:

1. This natural home birth story with video below- Super inspirational and made me cry:

2. This cool weekly menu to help give me ideas for healthy meals for my family.

3.  Kelly Mom website. Especially this article about fussy babies . Mine is going through his 6 week growth spurt and was super fussy tonight. Helps to read this and know that what he is doing is totally normal. I’ve read it before, but it helps to just read it over again. Kelly Mom website is such a great breastfeeding resource for moms. Bookmark it for sure mamas because you will refer to it often.

4. This article on helping your baby entertain themselves screen free. Pretty cool! Because who really needs to watch tv all day right!?

5. Pinterest because it has really helped give me some great ideas! In fact I found some great recipes and ideas for my homemade gifts for Christmas this year on there. Thanks Pinterest!

6. This awesome Spiral Vegetable Slicer that I got for Christmas from my sister in law. Thanks Athena! I used it tonight and made zucchini, carrot, potato spirals and  cooked them and they came out super yummy!

7. This Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie. Her blog is fantastic by the way! My go to blog for healthy desserts.

I’ll leave it there at lucky #7.

What are some things you are loving at the moment?

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