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It’s never fun to see our kids sick! Especially with a fever! It’s bound to happen at some point. Kids like to hang out with other kids, and they like to stick things in their mouths! I’ve read some great articles that have helped ease my mind a bit and I have learned some things that I have been able to use to successfully treat my son naturally. I hope these tips can help you feel prepared to get your child through their illness and help them feel better sooner. You can even try these remedies for yourself! They are all safe and natural! Good luck and hang in there!

Here are a couple things I have learned:


  • Remember, fevers are your body’s natural response to infection, and not necessarily a sign that something serious is taking place.
  • Low-grade fevers are generally not serious, are easily treated, and can wait until the morning to be evaluated by your doctor.
  • Fevers of 101 to 103 (38.4 to 39.5 Celcius) are also generally not serious and can wait until morning to be evaluated, except if your baby is under 3 months. This would warrant a trip to your doctor. Read the article link below to learn more about this.
  • High fevers of 104 (40 Celcius) or higher that quickly come down to 100 or 101 (37.8 to 38.3 Celcius) with the treatment measures below are also generally not serious and can wait until morning, except as indicated below.
  • If your infant is 6 weeks or younger, and has a fever of 101 degrees or higher, your doctor should evaluate your infant right away, either during business hours, or in an emergency room after hours. Do not give any fever-reducing medications in this situation (you don’t want to hide the fever until after a doctor has evaluated your baby). Be sure to confirm any fevers with a rectal thermometer (if available) before contacting your doctor.
  • Infants age 7 weeks to three months with a fever over 101 warrant an appointment with your doctor within the next several hours. You generally don’t need to page your doctor in the middle of the night in this situation if the office opens within the next few hours. Simply follow our recommendations on treating fever below and call your doctor in the morning. If it is the early evening you should probably page your doctor, since the office won’t be open until the following day.

So for now, don’t rush to page your doctor. Read through this section, and call your doctor during office hours if necessary.


  • Normal temperature – 97 to 99 degrees (36 to 37.2 Celcius).
  • Low-grade fever – 99 to 100.9 degrees (37.3 to 38.3 Celcius).
  • Common fever – 101 to 103.5 degrees (38.4 to 39.7 Celcius).
  • High fever – any fever over 103.6 degrees (39.8 Celcius).

No. Low-grade fevers are helpful in fighting off infection. You should only treat a fever when it is making your child miserable. Treat your child, not the fever.

SOURCE: ASK DR. SEARSThis is a great article and It helped me figure out what could be the cause of fever and what to look out for. Highly recommend reading it!

Fever is an important part of the body’s defense against infection. Most bacteria and viruses that cause infections in people thrive best at 98.6 °F. Many infants and children develop high fevers with minor viral illnesses. Although a fever signals that a battle might be going on in the body, the fever is fighting for the person, not against.

Brain damage from a fever generally will not occur unless the fever is over 107.6 °F (42 °C). Untreated fevers caused by infection will seldom go over 105 °F unless the child is overdressed or trapped in a hot place.

A simple cold or other viral infection can sometimes cause a high fever (102 – 104 °F, or 38.9 – 40 °C). This does not usually mean you or your child have a serious problem. Some serious infections may cause no fever or even a very low body temperature, especially in infants.

If the fever is mild and you have no other problems, you do not need treatment. Drink fluids and rest.

The illness is probably not serious if your child:

  • Is still interested in playing
  • Is eating and drinking well
  • Is alert and smiling at you
  • Has a normal skin color
  • Looks well when their temperature comes down

Take steps to lower a fever if you or your child is uncomfortable, vomiting, dried out (dehydrated), or not sleeping well. Remember, the goal is to lower, not eliminate, the fever.


Causes of Fever:

Viral infection – this is the most common cause of fever in children.

Here is a great video that I originally saw on an awesome must read article by Mommypotomus: 5 Ways to Treat a Fever Naturally .

What I learned from this video is that you really do have to pay more attention to the way your child is feeling rather then the number on the thermometer. If your child has a fever but is generally fine, playing and in a decent mood then it’s best to allow the fever to work and do it’s job to help fight the infection or virus. On the other hand If your child is running a temperature, is irritable, and just not feeling the best then you can try some of these natural remedies below and consult your pediatrician for advice as well.

How to Treat a Fever Naturally:

-Keep Hydrated! When I was still nursing him I would nurse him as often as he’d like. Now we do mostly water, coconut water and if he wants some kombucha or “milk shake” (Your milk of choice with 1/2 banana) This is important so they don’t get dehydrated.

-Coconut water and fruit homemade popsicles.

-Cool washcloth on the back of neck, forehead and feet either place he will let me put it. Sometimes I just have to dab because he won’t keep it on him. (Make sure it’s not COLD!)

-One of the first things I do is give some Elderberry to boost the immune system. I love to add this vitamin C to the same little cup you give the elderberry in. You can add a tsp of Raw Honey like this one or this one to this mix or give separately.

-If they have flu like symptoms, this homeopathic remedy works great for that. (For ages 2+ up only)

-I also treat for ear infection just in case and do garlic oil ear drops. Something like Herb Pharm Mullein/Garlic  Ear Drops  or  Gaia Kids Ear Drops would work great.
(You can get at local natural foods store or online)

– A natural “Vapo Rub” is great too. I LOVE Dolce Bella Organic Herbal Balm and I will do that in his back and chest and even rub on his feet. You can purchase this from their website. Online only.  I also love this Eucalptus Chest Rub

-You could also do camilia drops especially if its due to teething. Or look into the following homeopathic medications: ferum phosphoricum, bryonia album, aconitum napellus, and belladona to see which matches your child’s symptoms best. I have an awesome homeopathic kit from hylands called: Hyland’s Remedy Chest,30-Count Package. It’s great because it comes with a guide that shows each homeopathic medicine along with symptoms so you can treat your child with the best remedy for what they have.

-You can rub a little high quality diluted Peppermint Essential oil on bottoms of feet (Use with caution: Use diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil and in small doses. Just a tiny drop will do the trick. Never directly on skin. Recommended for ages 6 and up. I rarely use this, but know some people who love essential oils. Just please use with caution as Essential Oils are very powerful and potent. Please read this great resource on how to use essential oils safely.

-If fever is really high you may want to consider doing a lukewarm bath. But this would be more if they are feeling miserable and the temperature needs to be lowered. And don’t use cold water because you don’t want their temperature to drop suddenly and go into shock.

Remember the goal is not to eliminate the fever, but rather make your child comfortable and get through the illness. Once you figure out what the illness is you can treat it more specifically. I love using this book to help me.

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