We’ll Miss You Tia Rosy

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Just as we enter this earth as new souls, there comes a time when we all must depart. How ironic that today on the relaunch of my blog I was going to post a birth story and instead will be dedicating this post to say goodbye to an aunt who was an incredible woman and LOVED babies.  We got a phone call this morning that Tia Rosy passed away at home peacefully. She had been battling with cancer for a while now and today her time has come. Just days before Nico was born she was diagnosed and they only gave her a few months to live. When she heard the news of Nico’s birth she was thrilled at his arrival and said he was her “little angel” and that he had been sent here on earth for her. Since her diagnosis she has been battling gracefully. She proved the doctors wrong and made it long past a couple of months. It’s been a year and a half and she has been such a fighter! It was so wonderful that she made it to see her oldest daughter get married (such a blessing) and even made it to see Nico’s first birthday. She LOVED Nico and they had their special little bond. Whenever we would go visit she loved to play with Nico and did this fun little nursery rhyme with him every time. Here they are doing it…

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With hands waving she would say: “Tengo manita, no tengo manita porque la tengo muy chiquitita”

If you are hispanic you may be familiar with it, but Nico would just smile, wave his little hand back towards her and ask for it over and over again. It’s become a little memory that we will cherish forever.

Rosy has been a true inspiration. Through this entire battle she has remained faithful, strong, loving and always worried more about others then herself. I pray that we can learn from her and whatever circumstances or battles we are facing that we can fight and battle gracefully, with a smile on our face. And that we will cherish every minute we have with our loved ones because we never know when their last day will be. We love you Tia Rosy!! You will be missed.

Special memories of her at Nico’s First Birthday Party:

Nico's 1st Birthday - 7811 Nico's 1st Birthday - 7815 Nico's 1st Birthday - 7816 Nico's 1st Birthday - 8170

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Tiffany February 5, 2013 at 10:33 am

I’m so sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing such a touching story!

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