Health: 10 Natural Cold/Flu Remedies to Help You Feel Better Sooner

I just did a post on 5 ways to prevent the cold/flu naturally so thought I would do a post on remedies that help me when I do get sick or feel something coming on. Of course you have tried your absolute best at preventing an illness, but you are bound to get sick every so often. Especially during the cold and flu season. The sooner you begin implementing these remedies the sooner you will be able to nip it in the bud. Many times when I feel anything coming on I begin implementing them and I don’t get “full blown” sick, which is GREAT! So what do you do when you feel terrible and want to heal faster? Below I have listed a few things I do to help my family heal faster from illness. There are lots of other things you can do, but these have become my go-to natural remedies that have really helped us heal faster, not be “as sick”, and make us feel more comfortable. I love to use things that are safe for the entire family so most (Not all) of what I recommend you can even use for your baby (I would say 4 months and up should be ok, but check with your pediatrician and the product label).

What do you do to help your family heal faster? Would love to hear!

1. Continue to do everything from my last post about prevention:

  • Wash your hands with WARM/HOT soapy water A LOT!
  • Change Your Shirt
  • Take some Elderberry  or  Super Echinacea (I use Herb Pharm)
  • Take a Vitamin D3 supplement.
  • For flu symptoms I recommend this.
  • For cold symptoms I recommend this.
  • Take a Probiotic (I use Jarro-Dophilus® Allergen-Free)
  • Cut out the Sugar and Dairy from your diet until it clears. Even cutting out protein can help.
  • To avoid ear infections when you aren’t feeling well or to treat naturally I recommend Garlic Ear Oil.
  • Slice an onion and place it by the bed! Seriously!
  • For congestion: Do an onion poultice. (saute onion in some oil, place in a sock, tie the end and place on chest). It helps draw out the congestion!

2. REST!

You will catch me going to sleep a lot earlier then normal during this time. Same with your babe. They may take longer naps then normal because of disturbed sleep at night or just because their bodies need it. Rest allows our bodies to work it’s magic and heal. So cuddle up and sleep!

3. Homemade Broth from veggies or chicken. 

This has been used to heal illness for a VERY long time! The broth is known for it’s healing properties. It has anti-inflammatory properties that could explain why it soothes sore throats and eases the misery of colds and flu. Read more about that here.

4. Gargle with Cayenne Pepper and Water to help soothe and get rid of sore throats

You may think this is crazy but it works and I’m not the only one that has tried this! Just boil some water until warm, place in a cup and add as much cayenne as you can handle and gargle! You can actually take tiny sips of it too. Read more about that here.

5. Keep Hydrated: Lots of water & maybe some coconut water! Breastmilk for baby. Don’t Drink Orange Juice (unless it’s fresh squeezed).

You are probably thinking what is she talking about!? No orange juice!? But that’s what I always drink when I am sick. Well orange juice may not be as good as you thought. Most bottles of orange juice are FULL of fructose sugar and we all know that sugar is a NO NO for the immune system. It causes your immune system to “take a nap,” which means it’s hurting your chances of healing quicker. Read more about that here.  I recommend drinking lots of water and maybe some coconut water + sea salt  to replace lost electrolytes and keep you hydrated.  For your little one breastmilk is always best! But water and coconut water are also safe. I also don’t mind having a little hot chamomile tea to help soothe my throat every so often. Try to stay away from caffeine during this time too.

6. Take a steam shower

This will help loosen mucus and just make you feel better. For baby you can just have a seat in the bathroom, even nurse him in there and that will help him feel better and help with his breathing.

7. Use Dolce Bella Herbal Balm (Shown in picture above)

The Dolce Bella herbal balm is amazing! It’s like an all natural “vapo rub”. Just put a little on your chest and under your nose to help you breath better and ease coughing. It’s really great to use if your body is sore too! Safe for your little one too!

8. Get a massage

I don’t know about you, but massages always make me feel better. Try using the Dolce Bella herbal balm I mentioned to help sooth those muscle aches and get you feeling relaxed.

9. Shots of Wheat Grass

Wheat grass has amazing benefits! It contains over 90 minerals and even has more vitamin C then oranges! Read more about wheat grass here.

10. Cool Mist Humidifier

These are great to help your baby breath better through the night and at nap time.

I am not a doctor, just sharing what has worked for me.  From first hand experience I have tried all of these things and they have worked for us! Be sure to check with your health care team to see if these products are right for you!

Photo Courtesy: Dolce Bella

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