Summer Goals

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful so we decided to pick up some Sharky’s and head straight to the park for a nice picnic and play time. I had a blast with two of my favorite people in the whole world. It being so nice this weekend reminded me it’s close to Summer Vacation (woo hoo!). I’ll be off for the Summer so I am very excited to spend lots of time with my family, friends, and learn some new things. So I decided to create a list of Summer Goals. I like to create a lists. All kinds of them. If I don’t have a list I get nothing done and it can get overwhelming. So now that Summer is fast approaching it’s only appropriate that I make a list of 10 things I want to accomplish by the end of the Summer.

  1. Make my own Homemade Body Butter.
  2. Make my own Homemade Body Wash.
  3. Design and make new hair pieces for my hair accessory collection, take pictures of them and put them on my website.
  4. Clean, organize and plant or buy some flowers/succulents to make the patio prettier.
  5. Organize our bedroom. Change the carpet, go through my closet, get a desk, hang some pictures.
  6. Read 3 new books.
  7. Create 3 new healthy smoothie concoctions good for the whole family.
  8. Learn to cook 5 new healthy & organic meals or snacks for my family.
  9. Create a list of at least 10 yummy finger foods for my baby to eat & create a chart to make sure he is eating a well balanced diet.
  10. Create a list of at least 10 fun things to do with my baby this Summer. ie: Go to a  mommy and me swim class.

And if I have more time:

  1. Make my own dairy free ice cream or popsicles. (Depending on what I can buy to make them!)

Above all these things I hope to make sure my family is feeling loved and well taken care of. I’ll be sure to share pictures and details about my successes and downfalls with each goal. What are your goals for the Summer?

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Theresa June 1, 2012 at 3:36 pm

What a great idea!! I’m gonna start making my lists!

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