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Perfect for a busy mom who is more worried about taking care of their little one then taking care of themselves. And even wonderful for your growing child. These juices were created to help you get back to your roots and live your best life now. Pressed Juicery is a must try! Their juices are healthy and delicious and pressed fresh daily. Their biggest point is “our bodies require vital nutrients to function at their optimal levels, and the quickest and most natural way to get them is through fresh juice.” You can order online, by phone 310.477.7171 or go in to one of their locations in Malibu, Brentwood or West Holleywood. I’m hoping they open one in the Valley where I live!

For your Child:

Purchase this “Kit” with delicious flavors for your growing child.

This kit includes:

  • 2 – Apple Cinnamon
  • 2 – Apple Strawberry Coconut
  • 2 – Greens 2
  • 2 – Pineapple Pear Ginger Mint
  • 2 – Blueberry Coconut Pear
  • 2 – Carrot

You can find more of their yummy flavors, kits, and cleanses on their website Pressed Juicery.

Photos via Pressed Juicery

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