Let’s face it. Breastfeeding can be difficult for many people. Maybe the baby isn’t latching correctly, or your nipples are sore and cracked or you feel like you are not producing enough milk for your baby (Another great link on that) or you’re not sure if your baby is drinking enough. Actually I have never met a single person that said breastfeeding was easy in the beginning. But it does get easier with time. Although it did get easier with each passing month, by the 4 month mark I felt like my baby was a pro at nursing. It didn’t take him as long to nurse, he was latched on correctly, and everything was running smooth. So for those of you thinking, “I can’t do this anymore.” You totally can! Hang in there and in no time you and your baby will have a beautiful nursing relationship and you will have forgotten all about the difficulties. Or better yet, you will be able to help other people experience the best gift ever. It just takes a little time for you and your baby to work at this new experience. But what a beautiful bonding experience it is. Here are some resources I found to be very helpful:

1. Meet with a Lactation Nurse:

2. Attend a La Leche League Meeting

3. Attend a breastfeeding class. I attended one at the Pump Station and found it very helpful.

4. Attend a breastfeeding support group. The Pump Station has one or your local hospital should have one.

5. Attend a class about pumping (Great for a mom going back to work).

Online Help:

7. Read a breastfeeding book. Love The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

8. Talk to your friends and family who have been successful with breastfeeding. It helps tremendously to have a great support around you.

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